13 Series
13 Series with Cushion Black Rubber Wheel

The 13 Series features a Threaded Stem, and supports capacities up to 160 pounds each.

  • Design: Heavy gauge cold rolled steel, formed for strength.
  • Finish: Bright zinc plating to resist rust and corrosion.
  • Swivel construction: Double ball bearing with hardened raceways.
  • Axle: 5/16″ diameter bolt with lock nut.
  • Mounting: 13 Series standard with Threaded Stem

cushionhardCushion or Hard Rubber

Cushion rubber is non-marking and permanently bonded to a hard rubber wheel core. This economical wheel is recommended for light ot medium duty loads where noise reduction, floor protection, and durability are required.

Hard rubber tread wheels feature one-piece molded construction. These wheels have a higher load capacity than cushion rubber wheels and will not flat-spot while sitting under load (compression set). They are non-marking and offer proven performance under a wide variety of institutional and industrial uses.

cushionblackcushiongreyCushion Rubber with Side Plates

These cushion rubber wheels feature metal decorative side plates that make most any cart of mobile equipment more attractive.

tprTPR (Thermoplastic Rubber)

These wheels feature cushion thermoplastic rubber tread bonded to a light-weight yet extremely durable Polyolefin core. This is an economical wheel designed for moving light loads without marking floors.

polyolefin Polyolefin

Polyolefin wheels are a lightweight, economical, hard tread wheel that withstands hard impacts and abusive conditions. These injection-molded thermoplastic models are well-suited to a wide variety of institutional and industrial applications.

Despite their light weight, their impact strength is superior to hard rubber wheels. Polyolefin wheels are impervious to water, oils, grease, solvents, acids, and many chemicals.

polylocgrey polylocbluePolyLoc™

PolyLoc wheels are virtually indestructible and offer a long service life. These models are equipped with single row precision ball bearings for rolling ease. Built-in hub caps are color-coordinated to match the wheel tread for a very attractive, yet functional wheel.

PolyLoc wheels either feature a durable grey or dark blue polyurethane tread mechanically locked to a solid polyolefin wheel core. The tread is molded in, around, and through a ribbed wheel core to prevent tread separation when exposed to conditions of water and solvents.

Caster Options

Bright Nickel Plating available.

VertiLoc® Brake available. VertiLoc is a popular side-operated brake that employs cam action to lock the brake pad across the entire wheel tread surface. This brake locks wheel only, and does not affect the swivel radius of the caster. VertiLoc features an all-steel construction, which provides positive, reliable braking under a variety of operation conditions and wheel tread types.

Mounting Options

Standard 13 Series casters feature threaded stem.

Mounting Code Stem Sizes
STEM 1 3/8″ diameter — 16 x 1-1/2″ long
STEM 2 7/16″ diameter — 14 x 1-1/2″ long
STEM 3 1/2″ diameter — 13 x 1″ long
STEM 4 1/2″ diameter — 13 x 1-1/2″ long
STEM 5 1/2″ diameter — 13 x 2-3/4″ long

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